moltosenso is an expanding business that is leading the way in the wireless control market, smashing it with an innovative set of smart solutions.

One of the key points of this growth process is the continuous pursuit of imaginative scenarios to apply our technology.

Our solutions' rapid development is possible due to the expert teams that pool together diverse and innovative skill sets! If you are motivated to join us in pursuing our company mission, be sure to know that moltosenso will carefully assesses every single submitted resume. Dive into moltosenso!


moltosenso s.r.l.
Corso Francesco Ferrucci 112 - Blocco B
10138 Torino (TO)

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Fax: (39) 02 700414619  

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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