Smart Metering

Measuring, monitoring and, especially, optimising the consumption of the utilities system in real time has now become a reality at a reasonable cost. moltosenso wireless networks offer distributed services which extend the potential of the smart grid to the end-user.

Smart power consumption monitoring

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The unique design of the moltosenso system allows devices to adapt to the accurate measurement of energy consumption.
The cost distribution per zone or electric load is useful to locating excessive or extended sources of consumption in energy metering of a residential or commercial unit. Not all devices need to remain continuously active or need to be turned on during the most expensive time periods: moltosenso systems make the periphery device smart and cooperative. moltosenso systems perform the users’ role of the scenario of the smart grid as well as allow owners to apply efficient monitoring automatic policies and control energy consumption.
moltosenso system allows: 
  • visualize consumption in real time;
  • interface with smart grid of electricity provider and supply the owner with the instantaneous cost of the supplied current;
  • outline control and optimization criteria of the electrical usage;
  • integrate moltosenso’s hardware with other technologies and protocols used in traditional or wired power management;
  • avoid expensive masonry work or wired installations;
  • be expanded in the future, thanks to its modular plug&play nature;
  • installation in a different place from which it was originally purchased.

Heat metering

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moltosenso wireless sensor network allows control of the comfort and the temperature of single rooms served by a central heater installation in real time, thus taking into consideration its costs.

Thanks to modular hardware architecture, moltosenso’s devices control radiators’ heat, enabling three services:

  • indirect metering of heat consumption (heating costs allocator);
  • direct heat metering;
  • smart thermoregulation.

In indirect metering, useful to allocate heating costs per apartment in implants where the conductor fluid is distributed by vertical columns, State-of-the-Art design of moltosenso devices exploits one or two temperature sensors. This allows a more accurate heating costs allocation than the old based on mil rate, more precise and totally respectful of users’ privacy, thus overcoming the UNI EN 834 guidelines.

For horizontally distributed conductor fluid implants, moltosenso also develops direct heat metering devices, that are equipped with temperature sensors combined with flow meters of thermo conductor.

Metering systems are truly effective if paired with a moltosenso thermoregulation system that uses motorized valves for each radiator for the ideal temperature maintenance in any room, in a more precise fashion compared to the traditional thermostatic valves. Pairing a heat meter system and a smart thermoregulation system within the same wireless network is the only way to fully comply the regulations concerning energy costs reduction, provided by the Kyoto Protocol and the Country laws, are becoming mandatory.

moltosenso heat control systems:

  • are easy to install on any type of radiator that operates with thermo convector fluid;
  • do not require cable intrusion as the devices are wireless;
  • are provided with modules that are supplied with long term batteries;
  • allow comfort management autonomy of the single apartment with an easy use touch-screen.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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