Structural Monitoring

moltosenso designs, in synergy with valuable customers, networks of sensors for the static and dynamic monitoring of facilities which can be expanded to include sensors to control any chemical-physical parameter of the surrounding environment, and also exploitable on historic buildings. The wireless communication capability combined with the small size and low power consumption of the sensor nodes can guarantee an economical and non-invasive installation on both artistic and architectural property.

Static and dynamic monitoring

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moltosenso network offers an innovative solution for monitoring the static and dynamic conditions of a structure.

moltosenso operates as a system that sets the proper sensors in a wireless network, providing them of smart computational capacity. Each module in the network can be equipped with one or more miniaturized sensors such as accelerometers, crack monitors, and inclinometers. It is always the interaction with the client that leads to design the network and the monitoring service in order to respond to the specific demands in the field.

The ability of processing and memorizing data directly in the node is the innovation that makes moltosenso network the first commercial solution to offer wireless monitoring, using a distributed system through a collaborative sensors network.

The network management software allows the user to clearly and accurately visualize the monitored data from the sensors remotely and to receive timely alerts when conditions that the client considers critical are displayed.

The ease of deployment is guaranteed by wireless technology; the long life and the reduced size of the nodes are feasible by a high level of hardware miniaturization and by the combined use of very high density batteries together with distributed smart algorithms aiming at coordinating the nodes to provide tasks at minimal energy consumption.

Structural monitoring moltosenso system:

  • modular: it is designed according to clients’ demands;
  • reconfigurable: the system can be reused for a new structure by changing its sensors;
  • cheap: it is easily installed;
  • personalized: development occurs with a close synergy with the client.

Artistic assets monitoring

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Monitoring of architectonic and artistic assets requires accurate measurements in addition to a low impact of the system of the tested asset. moltosenso wireless network satisfies both demands which perfectly adapts to monitoring the physical-chemical parameters of great interest to the users, for instance: temperature, moisture, atmospheric pressure, marble fissures, structural vibrations, percentage of CO2 in the environment, etc.

moltosenso guarantees maximum support for the sensorial option and work in close relation with the client so as to properly integrate it in the network.

The hypothetical services with this ad-hoc design go beyond the simple replacement of cables leading to opportunities for advanced services of alerting in real time e distributed signal processing in the network. Furthermore, moltosenso’snon-invasive implementation on the equipment that provides an efficient counter measure to the varying conditions that generated the alarm is the State-of-the-Art in WSN design.

moltosenso network wireless modules accommodate the needs of:

  • miniaturization: they can be easily concealed from the public’s view and can be fixed near the work without compromising aspect and stability. In addition, the absence of cables guarantees maximum expandability in space;
  • autonomy: thanks to long term batteries, they can be installed even in difficult to reach places since they need minimum maintenance and only after years of the first installation;
  • modularity: more sensors can be connected to the same node, either indicated by moltosenso or developed by the client and integrated by moltosenso so as to meet specific demands;
  • versatility; the same network can be reused for a new monitoring campaign by changing the sensor set.
  • reliability; data are collected either in the computer (pc) or a single sensor, which guarantees that no measurement is lost even in absence of communication among the nodes.
PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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