Pervasive Connectivity

moltosenso Wi-Fi™ technology enables the realisation of broadband services on mesh networks. Connectivity in license-free ISM bands brings information and services to people and devices, while enabling remote monitoring and interaction with everyday objects and, thereby, making them suitable to social networking and proximity marketing.

Wireless connection everywhere

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Are you administrators of a city that has the need to offer internet to a zone where fixed phone service is not reachable? Would you like to provide additional multimedia services to residents and tourists through a broadband Wi-Fi™ connection, that the user could purchase with a voucher or with a credit card or get it for free?

moltosenso systems allows development of broadband wireless connection services in free ISM bands (WISP: Wireless Internet Service Provider) that reach all users reliably and inexpensively, even mobile applications or users who live in scarcely populated zones where cabling cost are prohibitive.

When proposing WISP solutions, moltosenso:

  • supports the best provider choice, according to the installation zone of service;
  • offers the design of good differentiated fees, according to the usage with different plans Quality of Service for the connection;
  • provides robust equipment for outdoor applications;
  • planning services guarantees scalability and improved functionality in the future.

moltosenso also develops low-data rate wireless connection services, in the free frequencies of ISM bands. These are useful to channel data from any monitoring process that are dense and transmitted to a control center.

Monitoring and control services that are distributed in the territory in real time could be:

  • an efficient territorial protection for police support;
  • a dense mapping of the environmental health;
  • a support in the planning of urban solid waste collection cycle;
  • management and maintenance of public lighting systems;
  • visualization of information on electronic panels for public utility.

Smart street lighting

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A scene that occurs every day in any city of the world is that at sunset, streetlights in a city are turned on. However, the collection of streetlights could become a network of smart nodes, distributed in the territory thanks to moltosenso wireless node system. This system allows the transmission of countless services to people based on its unique network infrastructure.

moltosenso system
is based on nodes set in the network with a control center by means of standard transmission protocols in the ISM free bands: any additional cost (for instance, related to mobile phone usage) and maximum integrity either in the existing lighting or new light fixtures (especially when using LED’s) provide savings of 30% of the electric costs supported by city management.

Therefore, the quality service of public street lightning is improved since it is possible to register abnormalities of the single light post and intervene immediately. In addition, thanks to the present smart system in each wireless post, it is possible that every light source interact among each other in order to mitigate inconveniences caused by damage. Thus, the adjacent posts work without waiting for repair of the damaged post.

Furthermore,the possibility to offer other services in the territory is increased to managers:in fact, thanks to moltosenso modular system, each post can become a detection point for air pollution and for traffic; it can also become a checkpoint for means of transportation or a diffusion point for a public Wi-Fi™ network. Even when the electricity is not supplied to the streetlights, the service will not stop, thanks to the energy harvesting systems that are part of moltosenso modules. 

moltosenso system establishes a network in your city:

  • economic: it saves maintenance costs; it does not have management costs and combined with LED’s, savings up to 30% are realized compared to traditional street lightings;
  • modular: its design depends on management’s requirements;
  • customized: its development can occur using the same infrastructure, depending on the requirements;
  • innovative: because it meshes legacy equipment with modern capabilities of wireless technology.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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