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moltosenso networks can make the diffusion of multimedia content more effective. The moltosenso system creates a platform which recognises the user, and, by personalising the message content, assists the platform owner in accompanying the user through the effective use of the content of an event, the services of a receiving facility or the commercial proposals of a sales outlet.

Smart infotainment

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The reception area is provided with a plethora of services that must take care of customer needs and tastes. Customized reception could be interpreted by the manager’s imagination and can be supported by moltosenso technology.

of services improves the reception quality and generates trust by prompting the use of additional services promoting advertisement or information about the structure or surrounding area.

moltosenso wireless infotainment is a solution that does not need expensive wiring procedures and offers access to luxury services for all structures at limited management costs.

moltosenso revolutionizes the diffusion system of contents:

  • information desks or locations
  • sound reinforcement system, decorations and dispensers in communal spaces
  • in-room TVs
  • machinery in fitness areas
  • SPA ambient systems

become user-aware, by integrating moltosenso low-power wireless technologies whose devices perceive the proximity of the host as well as moltosenso Wi-Fi™ technologies for contents delivery.

The technology is suitable to reproduce content on the device based on the preferences or the event in which the host is participating. These devices, which are equipped with a simple pocket tag, becomes an integral part of a smart network that can connect to moltosenso solutions of building automation and energy savings.

Nodes for social events

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During an event such as a congress, sport games or concert, a single spectator is personally connected to the event by combining their experience with that of thousands of strangers, who share the same tastes and the content of the event.

moltosenso technology
actively contributes to public participation. The network nodes are pocket tags that have a visual display and are distributed to the participants. These tags facilitate the diffusion of informative, multimedia and commercial contents during the progress of the event. This optimizes sponsorship effectiveness and maximizing the consumers’ satisfaction. The tags can also be equipped with sensors (for instance movement sensors or proximity sensors).

Communication can be established with a network of actuators that modifies lights and sounds based on the movement of the single spectator who contributes to create a unique and unrepeatable mass choreography. Consequently, the generation of the experiential user generated contents is automated.

moltosenso is the answer to combine the five dimensions of experiential marketing in a single solution: sense, feel, think, act, relate. moltosenso systems are easily integrable in the social networks and contribute to the generation of better defined, segmented, and profiled communities.

moltosenso decreases the gap between the generated expectations of the manager of the events and the real experience by means of providing real instruments for the interaction in real time and revolutionizing from the foundation the contents of the actual CRM platforms.

Trade shows, museums and stores

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moltosenso technology facilitates the delivery of museums contents, the execution of trade shows and services of a large stores providing valid support so that supply and demand can communicate effectively; maximizing the use of participation for all who are involved in the event.

The profile of the participating audience, obtained through simple pocket tags, allows the organizer of the event (or marketing manager) to link the desired information through multimedia wireless devices. In this way, moltosenso system reaches the single user which perceives their proximity to installed multimedia systems. Smart networks can move forward by calibrating the typology of the content based on the subject or subjects that are in proximity of multimedia sources and by offering selected contents based on their common characteristics (operators of the same sector, traders, entrepreneurs, young students, housemaids, etc.)

moltosenso system offers the exhibitors a powerful instrument of marketing, given that it could automatically make the environment variable based on the profile of the public in proximity.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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