Logistics and Market Monitoring

moltosenso systems enable the tracking of goods from the place of production to the point of sale and help in the segmentation of market preferences by identifying purchasing habits. 

Thanks to moltosenso systems hot and cold chains can be monitored. Transport systems can benefit from moltosenso nodes in reducing fleet management costs, while enhancing the prevention of potentially dangerous situations during the journey.

Logistics and fleet management

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moltosenso systems offer a wide range of solutions supporting logistics and fleet management.

Network nodes can be deployed on board of containers in the transportation of goods by road, rail or ship in order to monitor and guarantee the conditions and stability of the goods (heat and cold cycle, quantity, position, weight, humidity and so on), to make the approval procedures of packages and stocks faster.

moltosenso technology is used for fleet management with monitoring services in real time of parameters, location, and transit verification of the means in the arranged checkpoints; thus, an innovative and scalable integrated service at any logistic platform is provided.

In the rail sector, moltosenso proposes an efficient system to know the composition of freight trains, a preventive risk system, related to the operation of the train and the transportation of hazardous substances.

These solutions are also suitable in the automotive sector by offering systems to immediate locate vehicles in medium and large parking lots. Extending to insured services, moltosenso proposes, as partner, for innovative monitoring solutions for vehicle mileage tracking and tailored billing premiums.

Market monitoring

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moltosenso technology offers an innovative solution to increase goods’ value in each phase of large-scale distribution and retail channels.

By integrating with logistics management systems, moltosenso solutions guarantee the monitoring of qualitative and quantitative data of the conditions of the warehoused goods.

Sensor networks and active tags can:

  • monitor the integrity of the goods within temperature-controlled supply chains;
  • increase the efficiency of the warehouse management with a system that locates stocks in real time and automate the supplying cycles;
  • Optimize finding and retrieval of tools in large establishments.

For large groups that use vertically integrated production chains inside the distribution network, the tags assigned to batches of goods can go with the product throughout its whole life cycle, thus optimizing time-to-market and reducing costs.

The monitoring of goods in the display area results in a better negotiation of slot fees that now can be calculated based on the analysis in real time of shopping habits. moltosenso does not only offer a solution that can be integrated in the traditional methodologies of market survey, but also it constitutes an improvement in the immediate analysis of the shopping habits, not simply based on a sample or purchase history.

Finally, certain product categories can benefit from moltosenso tags which facilitate the treatment of the container and the residual content in disposal phase; favoring dynamics of lesser ecological impact and by also providing mapping of the distribution of goods in society.

Smart vending machines

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The managers of automated vending machines can use moltosenso monitoring technology to maximize their own business cycle. Traditionally, the manager restocks product levels based on an expired supply or triggered by a call from someone in charge of the equipment.

The manager equipped with a moltosenso automated reporting system is informed about the depletion of the stock as well as of the anomalies and alterations that delay or reduce the profitability at the point of distribution. The system reports monitored data to the control center through secure communications in real time.

Further services are based on the distributor’s capacity of sensing the proximity of a user equipped with a moltosenso tag, and of indicating the availability of services by also offering retail advertisement according to the passing profile.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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