Smart Crops and Environment

moltosenso systems can be applied to vast external agricultural and rural areas. 

They can provide effective support in the predictive control of physical and environmental parameters, thus obtaining real-time monitoring of crops and herds, as well as environmental protection and prevention of environmental and man-made risks.

Smart viniculture

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Each wine grower knows that the excellence in wine producing is born from the quality of the vine, the soil, the weather conditions and from wine experts’ experience; the latter who are holders of unique and characteristic winemaking procedures.

However, excellence cannot be without a constant control of the conditions of the vine and this is where moltosenso system becomes an irreplaceable instrument of control.

The single bunch of grapes is a product from the soil and is constantly exposed to weather conditions and to fungal and bacterial attacks that can seriously compromise the quality and the quantity of the producible wine. Likewise, the quality of the wine can be considerably reduced if the land turns out to be poor from the exact mixture of mineral salts and water necessary for each particular vine. moltosenso system aids the wine grower with a series of simple wireless sensors to constantly control the most appropriate parameters of each row of vines and take efficient action if these conditions are not satisfactory.

Whether the monitoring parameter is soil humidity, air temperature or water hardness, moltosenso systems operates at the wine grower’s side to provide:

  • health status of the vineyard in real time;
  • remote control or even automatic control of irrigation or other systems to re-establish the correct conditions based on the ongoing anomaly;
  • crop damage prevention, utilizing monitored historical data from the system and taking action prior the observation of an adverse event.

Thanks to the supplied data from the system, the winegrower can make best use of their experience to decide how and where to intervene so as to solve any problem that could jeopardize the productivity of the vineyard.

Environmental monitoring

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Public awareness of environmental conditions has increased rapidly due to the growing presence of pollutants. moltosenso system becomes the ideal tool for environmental monitoring by being able to immediately measure the level of these pollutants in a wide observation area with one click.

moltosenso system networks economic and miniaturized wireless sensors (carbon dioxide, fine dust, temperature, pressure, etc.) to produce constant monitoring in real-time. Such monitoring is immediately retrieved to a control center or stored in the node for subsequent transmission. Each node is able to process data and send a warning message during dangerous or abnormal situations to save battery.

The controlling software provides a complete and simple vision of the status of the area under observation; in addition, this software is capable of adapting the behavior of each single node.

moltosenso system is an essential tool for environmental monitoring:

  • configuration: a single node can be equipped with a suitable set of sensors;
  • coverage: the usage ofdifferent radio communication technologies allows the system to cover extended areas;
  • control: updated data is constantly obtained in real time;
  • precision: the environment is observed with qualitative and quantitative colorimetric maps;
  • smart: the capacity of having distributed data acquisition system that does not require specialized equipment. Enough data is collected to infer the real status of the controlled physical parameters, at low cost, and with higher reliability than with systems linked to temporary installations.

Prevention from natural and man-made disasters

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Many catastrophic phenomena caused by man or nature can represent a serious danger for the security of the people; it could destroy entire natural and urban areas causing incalculable damage.

Using available technology, moltosenso develops natural disaster prevention systems and control of high risk activities.

Distributed wireless network sensors
are able to examine different chemical and/or physical parameters depending on the phenomenon that is being monitored. These sensors show dangerous or abnormal situations in real-time.

The managerial software provides a clear and intuitive visualization of the status of the area under observation to the control center in real time. This is possible due to use of colorimetric maps and other visualization tools. The managerial software is capable of modifying the behavior of each individual node by modifying the measurement frequency or the alarm cycle’s thresholds.

moltosenso system
is the ideal tool for minimizing natural and man–made disasters because it effectively minimize the damage that such disasters could cause.

moltosenso offers the following features:

  • observation: each single node constantly observes different chemical-physical quantities;
  • coverage: the use of different radio communication technologies allows the system to cover extended areas;
  • forecasting: the system can acquire data that can be processed locally or remotely allowing the observer to make best use of their experience by deciding how and where to operate; or the operator can let the system trigger the alarms;
  • scalability: individual nodes are installed exactly where they are needed. A higher collection of nodes can be budgeted in areas which are considered at higher risk or with particular orographic details.

Smart crops and farming

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The optimization of the production processes has completely transformed agriculture, increasing the yield and industrializing the phases of the product cycle.

moltosenso technology
offers a distributed and ongoing monitoring on crops with important benefits:

  • optimization of water resources with temperature and humidity detection systems that activate irrigation in a manner that is optimal for crop development;
  • rationalization of fertilizers and limitation of pesticides’ usage, thanks to sensors that detect the variation of the acidity of the land and health of the crops.

moltosenso offers a highly innovative technology to the agricultural and livestock sectors allowing an increase in productivity without overlooking the final product quality or having to go to aseptic crop systems. The final product, which is intended for consumption or manufacture, benefits from a higher intrinsic value than traditional systems. Consumers recognize the benefits, increasingly choosing high quality industry certified products.

moltosenso sensor network
is suitable for either agricultural or livestock sectors; it provides an efficient method of herd location and breeding environment monitoring which can be integrated and extended to  harvesting and manufacture phases (soil products, milk collection, winemaking, sale and slaughter of animals). Therefore, this network becomes an essential element to farms, which follow the product until its consumption.


PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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