eHealth and Human Care

moltosenso technology enables an effective networking of biomedical and environmental sensors for the monitoring and evaluation of the health of subjects in their particular environment. The network-distributed intelligence of the system extends the monitoring of rehabilitation protocols
It also enhances diagnostic instruments in real time by providing quantitative evaluations, tailored to the subject. Training activities benefit from a continuous monitoring system in space and time by analysing individual performance and team interactions.

Smart assisted living

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moltosenso technology makes the patient’s life more comfortable by creating a remote aid system that offers:

  • a quantitative monitoring of vital functions and behavior, without upsetting habits;
  • a tool to monitor and manage pathologies that require an ongoing observation (chronically ill, temporary or permanent disabilities);
  • constant care for the elderly or lonely individuals; prevention tools for certain types of accidents that can be predicted (falls, anomaly in glucose concentration in the blood, etc.) Smart alarms for: stressful or dangerous signs, tracking missing (i.e. Alzheimer) patients, unusual body position for an extended period of time, change in biomedical parameters without justification, etc.);
  • improvement of an individuals’ quality of life: a non-invasive system that remotely monitors long-term patient without disturbing them at night (i.e. flu measurement or diaper fill monitoring all night long, etc.), thus guaranteeing maximum comfort.

These services are possible thanks to ubiquitous monitoring systems made of wireless and wearable sensors and mobile devices (cellular phones, tablet PC, etc.) Furthermore, these systems are even more effective if wirelessly connected with environmental monitoring systems and building automation devices (air conditioning, alarm system, etc.).


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moltosenso’s experience in remote monitoring of patients aims to develop advanced telemedicine services: extension of hospital care at home, independent or remotely supervised rehabilitation exercises or remote diagnosis.

Thanks to telemedicine, realization of lower care costs is achieved, more efficient rehabilitation solutions are offered and a more accurate diagnosis can be performed.  All this is possible as the data is collected during the patient’s everyday activities.

Monitoring carried out with Body Sensor Networks (BSN) technology supplies doctors with health prevention tools.  Such monitoring provides statistical estimates based on monitored data collected related to the patient’s life style.

The holistic approach of moltosenso systems for e-health uses the collaboration of important private organizations and research centers, which allows technology to fully serve the operators’ needs of the health care sector.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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