Smart Factories

moltosenso systems are a decisive response to the monitoring needs of the industrial sector. 
The technology, developed in synergy with the customer, provides automation to the devices and industrial processes of a company and enables real-time monitoring of production-line tasks
The main benefits are obtained in terms of greater efficiency in predictive maintenance and both the identification and isolation of inefficiencies, to the benefit of company productivity.

Supervision and control of industrial processes

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moltosenso renders WSAN technology suitable for the supervision needs of industrial processes to control the action of equipment and product lines.

Multiple benefits are obtained:

  • ongoing analysis to optimize preventive maintenance;
  • more rapid response to an unpredictable failure;
  • increased organizational productivity (telemetry);
  • increased electricity savings, thanks to the ethically compliant management of unused equipment.

Some of the data that moltosenso can monitor simultaneously and in real-time are temperature, vibrations, humidity, presence of chemical agents, and power consumption. Smart nodes do not only detect data but also are programmed to cooperate among each other to satisfy the alerting logic using set thresholds and metrics that are established by the client. Response of the alert system is re-directed to ad hoc installed wireless actuators or to machinery already present in the factory (interaction with PLC and legacy systems) or to the in-line operator.

moltosenso devices are resistant to dust, humidity, and mechanical disruptions which are present in difficult industrial environments. These devices communicate by wireless transmission protocols, which are redundant, secure and robust to interferences.

The lack of wires of the remotely updated individual smart nodes and Plug&Play hardware, allow the system to be designed based on the client’s specifications. 

The modularity of the system allows increased functionality and can be adapted to other scenarios and needs in the future.

Smart automation of industrial production

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To improve productive competitiveness in a company means to have the capability of supporting the speedy conversion and redesign of their operating lines based on the market’s needs. Otherwise, guaranteeing high customized products by equipping easily reconfigurable lines.

moltosenso systems
are designed according to the SOA modular conception (Service-Oriented Architecture):

  • functionally different hardware but easily interchangeable in the line based on the Plug&Produce’s paradigm;
  • raw material becomes traceable, so that can collaborate through tags with machinery in the productive process;
  • smart equipment become remotely reconfigurable;
  • Data is aggregated and routed toward the operator to display the line functionality in real time, with a web-based service approach. In this context, the data is supplied by a machine and not by virtual software.

moltosenso SOA systems qualify the new paradigm of Collaborative Manufacturing by serving those companies that want to win the challenge to equip themselves with smart productive units which are also collaborative, reusable and robust.

PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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