Complete Turnkey 

Each turnkey moltosenso’s system is the result of the customization of the generic platform for the single Client needs. moltosenso is in charge of the whole production process, that is security for the Client to get the cheapest and most complete service. (read more)

Third Party Integration 

moltosenso’s solutions can be integrated within projects developed in collaboration with industrial partners or R&D centres. moltosenso’s systems can also become part of more complex and legacy systems. The chance to take part to existing scenarios, closely matching the requirements of partners able to bet and spread moltosenso’s technology is something possible thanks to extreme platform adaptability.

Check out all the integration possibilities that moltosenso offers to all of its customers. (read more)

Hardware modules 

moltosenso’s solutions are developed under a modular paradigm, where boards are connected together by means of a bus that carries both communications and power signals.

moltosenso has developed a patented technique to allow the microcontroller to automatically recognize plugged boards, so the firmware can automatically load only the necessary sections to efficiently deliver the service for which the modules have been deployed.

Starting to work with moltosenso’s hardware means adopting a motherboard Olkas™ and a powerboard Kratos™, both  CE certified, and pairing them with every other board is needed for the required task.

OLKAS™ 10.03 (CE in progress):
this is the motherboard with which every node must be equipped; it automatically recognizes and manages every component of the smart object, processes data and communicates wirelessly with other smart objects and with the network control centre.
Available in the following versions:
OLKAS™  10.03 MR: The richest and most complete solution, it is equipped with MCU, radio chip, Real Time Clock calendar (RTCC), micro SD card slot and a complete set of interfaces both toward the KRATOS™ power supply board and the sensors, actuators and gateways boards; OLKAS™ 10.03 MQ: MR differs from MR only because of the absence of the RTCC (MCU will manage via software the calendar functionalities). Adopting this board, a basic and cheap WSAN network can be deployed, having less timestamping accuracy and more computational load on the MCU; OLKAS™ 10.03 TA: this version is provided with the single chip radio and a complete set of interfaces toward the other boards. This is the ideal solution for a cost-effective WSAN, where intelligence is concentrated in the software that remotely manages the behaviour of the nodes. moltosenso’s firmware, able to drive OLKAS™ 10.03 MR and OLKAS™ 10.03 MQ boards, allows  to develop multithread, real-time and efficient applications.
moltosenso’s team provides that each nodes behaviour is tailored exactly to customer requirements, in order to optimize resources without any waste of energy. Tasks are divided in two families: those necessary to correctly run the network (multi-hop routing, frequency hopping due to jammed channels) and those devoted to service delivery (data encryption, node tampering detection algorithms, common time reference sharing among nodes, spatial localization of the modules, signal processing, store & forward for nodes operating on unreliable channels characterized by intermittent communications availability, tasks distribution among cooperative nodes, etc.)

KRATOS™ 10.06 (CE in progress):
this board takes energy from a non stabilized power source and turns it into a stabilized power for other boards. Usually, in addition to supplying energy to remaining boards, it also recharges a battery with the surplus energy, so that it will be automatically available when the primary power source is no longer available.
Available in the following versions:
KRATOS™ 10.06 CO: via a USB port it provides power and data interface between the node and a PC or embedded system. This board can be only combined with OLKAS™  10.03 TA, forming together the network coordinator; KRATOS™ 10.06 PS: provides stable power to other boards, drawing current from a generic power source that is unregulated in 2.8 V - 4.2 V range (i.e. non-rechargeable primary battery, main adapter, USB PC ports, etc.); KRATOS™ 10.06 BC: picks up current from an unregulated source in 2.8 V - 4.2 V range (i.e. rechargeable battery, solar panel, Peltier cell, wind turbine, main power adapter, USB PC ports, etc..) and supplies other boards with a regulated voltage as PS in addition to recharge the included battery, making it automatically available when the unregulated current source is not supplied.

sensor boards are the interface between the node and the phenomenon that must be monitored. The sensors are specifically designed to meet the required tasks for which the WSAN has been designed. The boards can be equipped with sensors of various types (temperature, humidity, light, gas, liquid levels, GPS, distance, acceleration, speed, etc.), both analog and digital.

actuator boards are designed to allow the node to actively operate motors, power relays, dimmers, electric valves and any other type of device for which it was designed.

gateway boards host communications gateways (GPRS™, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi™, RFId™ reader, etc..) to make the smart object communicate with other data networks (vehicular, LAN, proprietary, CAN or other busses, internet, intranet, etc.)

DEVELOPMENT KIT (CE in progress)
moltosenso provides a development kit, useful for performing the testing and debugging of firmware solutions developed by third parties, based on moltosenso’s modules and low-level libraries.



Applications that allow development of ad-hoc services on WSAN networks. moltosenso provides Clients with easy-to-use SDKs in order to autonomously develop their own distributed controlling services.  moltosenso also provides turnkey software solutions that fulfill the Client’s needs to accomplish the service for which it has been deployed.

No matter what the Client chooses, moltosenso’s software is:
cross-platform; ergonomic and with a snappy graphical look; interoperable with third party libraries; subdivisible on multiple machines, according to service localization.


moltosenso Network Manager™:
moltosenso develops an intuitive SDK to setup and manage nodes based on leading protocols, such as ZigBee®, Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth®, RFId™.
moltosenso Network Manager™ virtualizes the network on the computer, remotely managing its functionalities.
The SDK is continuosly enriched with the capability to drive the most leading commercial radio chipsets, such as those provided by Digi International®, Texas Instruments™, Telit®, Freescale™, STMicroelectronics™, Jennic®, Ember™, Broadcom™, Atheros®, etc.
Contact us: to discover if moltosenso Network Manager™ can drive your radio chipset. 
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moltosenso Environmental Monitor™:
Thanks to moltosenso Environmental Monitor™ and moltosenso’s hardware, Public Administration and companies involved in environmental monitoring projects can exploit a complete tool for effective territorial control.
Visit the Distributed Security scenario!
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moltosenso Hotel Monitor™:
This software makes available room automation directly in the hotel reception. Using a PC it is possible to separately monitor each parameter of a room offering the customer a better experience and providing huge energy savings for the whole building.
Visit the Building Automation scenario!

moltosenso Home Control™:
moltosenso Home Control is available for both embedded-touch systems and for desktop computers. Thanks to a simple and intuitive appearance, home smart objects can be managed and heat, energy, water and gas consumption can be monitored.
Visit the Smart Metering scenario!

moltosenso Data Logger™:
moltosenso provides a powerful tool to log data monitored by a WSAN. Data are logged graphically in real time and also to files and database (local or in cloud). Previously monitored data can be post processed and replayed.
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PROMETHEUS-IoT granted with an SME Instrument Phase 1
01/09/2015 - 29/02/2016
Plug&Play patent European deposit

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