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Waste Management


Il team di consulenti ICT di moltosenso ha come missione l’accompagnare la vostra azienda sulla strada dell’innovazione tecnologica, l’ottimizzazione e la digitalizzazione dei processi.

Progettiamo e sviluppiamo soluzioni ICT basate sulle ultime tendenze nel mondo del Big Data Analytics e Business Intelligence, permettendo una completa ottimizzazione e digitalizzazione dei processi e potenziando il lavoro dei nostri clienti.

Grazie alle expertise professionali per l’accesso agli strumenti di finanziamento europeo, moltosenso è un partner strategico per le aziende che vogliono crescere e offrire più valore ai propri clienti.


Thanks to our professional expertise, we guide all types of organization in the process of adaptation to the GDPR.

moltosenso’s privacy expert team supports the work of the data controllers, supporting them in the adaptation to the GDPR together with the appointment of the Data Protection Officer – DPO.

Starting from a strategic planning and a correct gap analysis, moltosenso can identify the minimum and necessary activities needed for you to achieve compliance with the GDPR.

Find out how to keep the trust of your customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

For more than ten years, moltosenso’s R&D team has been developing WSN and IoT solutions adaptable to control all types of operational activities.  Our offer includes a unique development platform, ready to manage extensive sensor and actuator networks.

Together with the application of Business Intelligence systems for strategic planning, we offer to our customers a unique opportunity for process optimization and digitalization. 

Waste Management & Optimization

moltosenso’s ICT consulting team works together with the main players in the industry, developing top-level solutions, destined to optimize and digitalize the company’s processes while promoting the application of effective circular economy tools. From a strategic planning or management control to the communication with citizens, moltosenso guides and supports the entire waste management cycle.

Our software and hardware developments include the last Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence technologies that will take your business to a new level.

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