Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste Management means, for us of moltosenso, strategy and technology dedicated to the waste collection and treatment processes. Indeed, to the correct management of waste in the most intelligent way possible.

This is because moltosenso means control, optimization and innovation.

In fact, our ICT team for Smart Waste Management dedicates its energies to the waste collection sector, and does so by providing the best monitoring technologies in order to easily plan its collection.

moltosenso is the smart company that simplifies your life through simple, innovative and smart solutions.

Smart Waste Management: “futuristic” intelligence at your service

Technology must serve people, not the other way around.

Smart Waste Management

This is one of the core values of our experienced and dynamic team. A really special team, which brings future to present, with the best solutions in a really simple way to those who believe in innovation. And specially those who have managerial roles or direct responsibility in their sector.

Smart Waste Management – planning and monitoring: this is how me make the impossible true.

Imagine a system that is so smart and efficient that it allows the citizens to never find theirselves with a garbage bin full under their house or overflowing with rubbish, as it happens – unfortunately – in cases where the situation is not under control.

An IT service that monitors the waste situation in real time, providing it not only to those in charge of waste management, but also to the citizen, acting as a “reminder” of when the new collection will take place.

This is why “planning and monitoring”: thanks to the monitoring that takes place with moltosenso’s technologies it is possible to plan optimally the collection cycle in different areas.

Just to think about what this means for your company: maximum organisation, reduction of stress linked to the poor waste collection management, time saved and a more efficient service.

All thanks to moltosenso’s IT solutions.

But how do we plan and monitor waste management?

Monitoring and Planning
Waste management and monitoring

What may seem almost “magic” to the non-expert, we make it extremely concrete and simple.

It all starts with a correct analysis of what we call “Big Data Analytics”. Through Business Intelligence, waste management operators can plan collection cycles in a smart and convenient way. Both for institutions and citizens.

The investment in technology is actually repaid in a relatively short period of time. In this way our Smart Waste Management System helps all parties involved (the investor and the citizen) to save money. It saves time, money and at the same time protects our beloved environment.

Specifically, this is what we do…

Moltosenso is mainly focused on all those solutions that are able to improve the level of service, increasing the control capacity and awareness of the process, the administrative transparency, the reduction of costs, the usability of the data, as well as the possibility of communicating to the citizens all that concerns the area of environmental protection and waste management.

This is why we are constantly searching for new methodologies and technologies that meet the needs of the territory and the client. Without ever losing creativity, curiosity and dynamic inspiration. Proposing applicable solutions that make everyone’s life more liveable.

Our waste management service is provided through a complex management system. However, for the end user it is convenient and easy to use.

Are you in charge of making decisions for your company or organization?

Then you will understand that budget constraints and the need for constant improvement can only be solved by technological innovations. At moltosenso, we can help you to achieve just that: savings in resources that can be quantified both at the planning and at the final stage. 

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moltosenso offers a consulting service aimed at optimizing processes through the application of ICT solutions.

Our wireless systems allow the monitoring of all types of activities and physical phenomena. Doing this through a practical Plug and Play system of sensors and actuators.

We also offer a detailed data processing system to our customers, who can benefit from a unique opportunity to optimize their processes.

That’s why thanks to moltosenso you can easily reduce your operating costs and make your life easier.

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