The waste management industry often remains apart from the major technological innovations, even if its presence is key to the European project for the implementation of the circular economy and climate change mitigation.

It is a complex sector, with many opportunities for the implementation of new technologies destined for planning, management control, administrative transparency and business continuity. 

moltosenso contributes to the waste management and circular economy sector through several digitalization projects. Our commitment is to maximize the use of resources, to optimize processes through a design based on data updated in real time and to ensure the continuity of the waste collection services regardless untoward circumstances. All this by applying powerful tools of Big Data analysis, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

The development of digital dashboards, customized according to the needs of the waste collection company, is a fundamental tool to assist proper planning and effective management control.

Finally, moltosenso allows you to improve the transparency of your company towards citizens, improving communication and institutional image through the development of (web) apps using the latest development technologies.


moltosenso means optimization