Our ICT Consulting Firm supports its customers in the development and implementation of new solutions.

Innovating is no longer an option to succeed. For that reason, we work next to the leading european research centres to be at the forefront of the market. We invest in R&D of new technologies in the areas of Business Inteligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. This experience in the ICT industry makes us a refferent nationally and internationally.

Our mission: to work as a strategic partner of our customers in the research and implementation of new ICT solutions, supporting them on the road to success. In this sense, we offer a wide range of services, including consulting, GDPR implementation and the development of applied technology for IoT and Waste Management, as well as a guide for applying to loans and venture capital supported by the European Union.

Solid scientific and economics expertise has been conveyed in moltosenso, assisted by well known company best practice. The participation in more than 100 European projects and the continuous development of patents demonstrate our commitment to excellence. moltosenso Empowering Technologies Founders

Empowering Technologies

Founding Members

Marco F. Urso – CEO


Andrea Merli – CFO